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VTK SVYAZ Smart Hands

VTK SVYAZ Smart Hands

VTK SVYAZ Smart Hands - it’s a reliable tool for maintaining and maintaining your equipment



VTK SVYAZ, a supplier and integrator of various network equipment, telephony solutions, and security systems, offers its current and future customers a new service called VTK Smart Hands. This service allows you to receive round-the-clock remote technical assistance to solve problems with equipment for individuals or legal entities, both on a contractual and one-time basis

Intellectual support and delegation of functions

For any problems and jobs, our engineers and administrators will be ready to help you



Any network equipment, no matter how expensive and of high quality, is not insured against malfunctions or other failures that negatively affect the operation of your network. In addition, server equipment that serves a large number of users requires periodic configuration and ongoing monitoring by qualified specialists. However, if your company does not have its own IT department with a staff of experienced engineers, or for some other reason you cannot independently maintain the equipment, you can entrust this work to us. The package service Smart Hands includes all the basic work that you may need when working remotely with the equipment.

  • >Marking equipment and network cables
  • >Replacing power supplies and cables
  • >Installation and replacement of transceivers
  • >Installation and dismantling of optical communication lines
  • >Replacement of components in the equipment
  • >Sending equipment, transfer for repair
  • >Inventory of installed equipment
  • >Preparing a telecommunications cabinet/rack
  • >Replacing the handles and locks of the cabinet for individual keys
  • >Rental of media with pre-installed software
  • >Install and reinstall the operating system
  • >Testing of components
  • >Reinstall firmware for accessories
  • >Build server hardware
  • >Preparation of a package of documents for delivery of the project
  • >Customer technical support (technical support outsourcing)

Solvable tasks

The Smart Hands package includes:

  • >24-hour problem solving with your equipment
  • >Setup and configuration of equipment of various vendors
  • >Changing switching patterns between network nodes
  • >Remote control and monitoring of network equipment
  • >Installation/disassembly of equipment
  • >Maintenance of customer structured cable systems
  • >Reboot equipment
  • >Rapid replacement of failed components from spare parts (memory, disks)
  • >Installation and initial configuration of operating systems
  • >Assistance in server administration and client network
  • >Provision of back-up capacity in the WTC communication cloud during equipment repair
  • >Providing IP-KVM management to equipment
  • >Installation or disassembly of equipment in a rented rack
  • >Reporting on the physical conditions inside the data center
  • >Temporary equipment storage
  • >Spare parts storage for customers
  • >Cleaning of optical ports on equipment, optical fiber connectors
  • >Visual inspection and cleaning equipment
  • >Power on and off on demand


  • >Increase of equipment fault tolerance due to the fastest solution of arising problems
  • >Timely diagnosis of possible problems
  • >High level of qualification and extensive experience with network equipment of a large number of manufacturers
  • >24-hour service requests for work with equipment
  • >Support via remote access, by phone and email
  • >A wide range of work performed

"You can purchase the Smart Hands service in the online storeVTKT.EU."


Serviced equipment

VTK Smart Hаnds service covers all equipment presented in our online store. It includes a wide range of network equipment, solutions for IP and video telephony, video conferencing systems and hardware for video surveillance of the world's largest manufacturers